Annual financial news and ad hoc releases

Annual financial news and ad hoc releases

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Annual General Meeting of MEDICLIN AG approves all proposed resolutions

Offenburg, 10 June 2024: MEDICLIN Aktiengesellschaft (MEDICLIN) held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 6th of June. This was held as a virtual Annual General Meeting without the physical presence of shareholders or their authorised representatives (with the exception of the company's proxies) in Bad Neustadt an der Saale.

CEO Dr Joachim Ramming expressed his satisfaction with the past financial year 2023. The post-acute segment in particular, which reflects the core competence of rehabilitation, recorded a successful development. This development is to be built on further this year.

The Supervisory Board was also satisfied with the 2023 financial year. With the newly acquired Supervisory Board members PD Dr Sara Sheikhzadeh, Mr Hafid Rifi and Mr Joachim Gemmel, the Board has been strengthened by experienced members. Dr Jan Liersch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MEDICLIN, comments: "We are looking forward to working with our new Supervisory Board members. They bring valuable experience and are a clear asset to the Supervisory Board of MEDICLIN AG".

The healthcare industry is facing major challenges

The situation for healthcare professionals remains tense. The demand for skilled labour will continue to grow faster than the supply. This shortage of skilled labour will make it more difficult to provide patients with the best possible care. Added to this is the pending hospital reform. It primarily affects the acute sector, but is expected to have an impact on all areas of the healthcare system, including rehabilitation. Dr Joachim Ramming, CEO of MEDICLIN, commented on the potential effects: "Hospitals will have to adapt their portfolios. Beds in the stationary sector will be reduced throughout Germany and ambulatory care will continue to increase."

Information on the Annual General Meeting

All resolutions proposed by the management were approved by a majority. 92.11% of the share capital was represented at the Annual General Meeting. The resolution on the retention of net retained profits was approved by a majority of 99.99%. In addition to the discharge of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board with majorities of 98.37% and 98.16% respectively, the election of new Supervisory Board members was also on the agenda. Mr Michael Bock, Dr Julia Dannath-Schuh and Ms Cornelia Wolf were re-elected to the Supervisory Board. Mr Hafid Rifi and Ms PD Dr Sara Sheikhzadeh were also elected to the Supervisory Board. Mr Joachim Gemmel, who was already appointed to the Supervisory Board of MEDICLIN AG by the Freiburg District Court in March 2024 until the Annual General Meeting, has also been elected to the Supervisory Board.  KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft was appointed as auditor and Group auditor for the 2024 financial year with a majority of 98.83%. The Annual General Meeting approved a new remuneration system for the Executive Board with a majority of 96.98%.

All voting results can be viewed under the following link (German only).

MEDICLIN will publish its interim report for the first half of 2024 on 31 July.

About MEDICLIN Aktiengesellschaft (Ticker: MED; WKN: 659 510)

MEDICLIN includes 32 clinics, six care facilities and ten medical care centers. The Group has around 8,300 beds/care places and employs around 10,000 people. In a strong network, MEDICLIN offers the patient integrative care from the first visit to the doctor through the operation and subsequent rehabilitation to outpatient aftercare. Doctors, therapists and nurses work together in a carefully coordinated manner. MEDICLIN designs the care and support of people in need of care according to their individual needs and personal needs.

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