Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

For MEDICLIN, corporate governance means corporate management oriented towards a responsible and sustainable value creation. Our corporate governance report creates transparency about the corporate governance self-understanding of MEDICLIN.

Corporate Governance Declaration (Sec. 289a HGB)

We see the Corporate Governance Declaration as a chance to disclose the stability and sustainability of the corporate governance of MEDICLIN Aktiengesellschaft. We want to publish this in an area that is generally accessible to the public.

Past declarations of compliance

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Management Board

  • Volker Hippler


    Tino Fritz


Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Jan Liersch

    Chairman, Managing Director Broermann Holding GmbH

    Hans Hilpert*

    Vice Chairman, Sports Therapist

    Michael Bock

    Managing Director of REALKAPITAL Vermögensmanagement GmbH

    Barbara Brosius

    Former Vice Chairwoman und Managing Director of UBS Deutschland AG

    Dr. Julianna Dannath-Schuh

    Partner und Managing Director der MANRES AG

    Walburga Erichsmeier*

    Deputy District Manager at ver.di trade union for the district of Ostwestfalen-Lippe

    Kai Hankeln

    CEO of Asklepios Kliniken Gruppe and Managing Director of Asklepios Kliniken Management GmbH

    Rainer Laufs

    Independent Business Consultant

    Thomas Müller*

    District Manager at ver.di trade union for the district of Saar-Trier

    Elke Schwan*

    Masseurin und medizinische Bademeisterin

    Frauke Schwedt*

    Diplom-Psychologin / Psychologische Psychotherapeutin

    Daniela Sternberg-Kinzel*

    Head of patient management

    Marco Walker

    COO of Asklepios Kliniken Gruppe and Managing Director of Asklepios Kliniken Management GmbH

    Matthias H. Werner*

    Social Pedagogue (BA)/Adventure Pedagogue

    Dr. Thomas Witt*

    Chief Physician

    Cornelia Wolf

    Head of Group division Audit and Risk Management of Asklepios Kliniken GmbH & CO. KGaA

* Employee representative on the Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board Committees

  • General and Personnel Committee

    Dr. Jan Liersch (Chairman), Hans Hilpert (Vice Chairman), Rainer Laufs, Thomas Müller, Dr. Thomas Witt

    Audit Committee

    Michael Bock (Chairman), Walburga Erichsmeier, Matthias H. Werner, Cornelia Wolf

    Meditation Committee pursuant to § 27 MitbestG

    Dr. Jan Liersch (Chairman), Hans Hilpert (Vice Chairman), Frauke Schwedt, Cornelia Wolf

    Nomination Committee

    Dr. Jan Liersch (Chairman), Michael Bock, Cornelia Wolf

Directors' Dealings

Publication of Managers‘ Transactions pursuant to Art. 19 Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

The reporting and disclosure duty applies to members of the Board of Management and of the Supervisory Board, and to persons closely associated with them. It also applies to legal entities, other companies, or organizations acting by order of or in the interests of the aforementioned persons. Any subsequent transactions once a total transaction volume of EUR 5,000.00 has been reached within a calendar year must be reported. The transactions of each person are to be considered separately.

We did not receive any notification of transactions.

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