Krankenhaus Aufenthalt
Krankenhaus Aufenthalt
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Checklist for your stay

You should bring the following items with you to ensure the most comfortable and trouble-free stay in one of our clinics:

  • Referral information
  • Health insurance card/exemption card (from co-payments)
  • Identity card 
  • X-ray images
  • Medical findings
  • Confirmation from the health insurance provider that they assume the costs (for private patients)
  • Dressing gown 
  • Hand towels 
  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Medicines (prescribed by your physician)
  • Small amount of cash

If you require any further information, our employees in our hospitals and Rehabilitation clinics would be pleased to help you. The easiest way is to enquire directly at the facility in question.

Service hotline
Service hotline
Do you have any questions about MediClin or one of our facilities? Simply give us a free call or write an email.
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