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Hybrid operating theatres give hope to heart patients

Hybrid operating theatres give hope to heart patients

One of only a few hybrid operating theatres in Germany can be found in the MediClin Herzzentrum Lahr/Baden. It enables physicians carrying out surgery on the heart and vascular system to diagnose and decide on treatment at the same time.

The hybrid operating theatre is a combination of a cardiological heart catheter laboratory and a heart surgery operating theatre. It is equipped with a moveable X-ray unit so that it is possible to operate and diagnose at the same time. Heart surgeons, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists and anaesthetists examine and provide therapy to patients jointly.

This opens up completely new treatment options. Artificial heart valves can be implanted in a minimally invasive way using a catheter without needing to open up the whole chest. The catheter enters the body either through the groin or via a small cut in the chest. The surgery takes place without the use of a heart-lung machine. “In particular, older people or high-risk patients, for whom a standard operation cannot be considered, benefit from these new gentler procedures,” says Prof. Dr. Ennker, Medical Director and Head Physician at the Clinic for Heart, Thorax and Vascular Surgery. The patients recover more quickly than after standard surgical procedures and the length of their stay in hospital can be reduced.

Immediate monitoring of success

As a result of the integrated X-ray unit, the functionality of the new heart valve can immediately be checked on the screen by introducing a contrast agent into the circulatory system. This means a higher level of safety and quality in medical treatment for patients.

The hybrid operating theatre also makes it easier to complete surgery that is not carried out on the heart: such as implanting vascular stents (aorta stents) in the aorta. The new methods allow surgeons to carry out operations more precisely.

Patients receive an optimal level of care in an emergency

Hybrid operating theatre

Team work in the hybrid operating theatre

Surgeons, cardiologists and radiologists work hand in hand in the hybrid operating theatre. As a result, patients receive the best protection in an emergency situation because they can be diagnosed and given medical treatment at the same time using all treatment methods and all available interdisciplinary knowledge. Transferring a patient to another operating theatre in an emergency would be fraught with danger because the patient must be moved. In the hybrid operating theatre, surgical intervention can be carried out on the spot and with the aid of a heart-lung machine.

The hybrid operating theatre has clear advantages for patients. It improves the medical options available and makes intervention safer. It also supports minimally invasive techniques, which makes treating high-risk patients safer. In addition, these techniques are so gentle that the patient recovers more quickly than after conventional surgery. This enables the inpatient stay to be reduced.

Because it results in fewer complications and the recovery period is shorter, the hybrid operating theatre also reduces costs over time. The quality of the medical provision is considerably improved. Through the use of these high-end technologies, the MediClin Herzzentrum Lahr/Baden continues to confirm its position as one of the leading heart clinics in Germany.

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