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Short profile of MediClin

MediClin operates 51 facilities nationwide. This includes hospitals (acute care), rehabilitation clinics, care homes and medical care centres. The Group offers a specialist range of medical services, in particular, in the area of acute care, for example neurosurgery in Plau am See, the heart centres in Coswig and Lahr, early neurological rehabilitation in Lingen, Soltau or Plau am See, or the specialist orthopaedic hospital in Bad Düben.

The range of medical services at MediClin is of a high quality and extremely diverse. Specialist disciplines at MediClin have been formed in neuro-medicine with neurology, early neurological rehabilitation, neurosurgery and neuroradiology, as well as in psychological sciences (psychosomatics and psychiatry) and orthopaedics. In addition, special expertise can be found in individual locations in the areas of ENT (tinnitus, cochlear implants), oncology (radiotherapy) and inner medicine (e. g. cardiology, pneumology and endocrinology).

Furthermore, MediClin offers inpatient medical services at some locations.

Medical-therapeutic networking

MediClin does not only provide treatment in hospital or in rehabilitation clinics in isolation, nor does it offer only outpatient or inpatient care, but delivers high-quality medical care along the entire treatment chain. Because our expertise ranges from outpatient care and inpatient acute care through to rehabilitation services or care provision, we are able to efficiently combine and network individual areas of medical provision. Patients benefit from this in many ways: The laborious search for the right specialist and annoying duplicate and multiple medical examinations are avoided, as well as long waiting times. The overall length of treatment is significantly reduced.

In this process, MediClin makes particular use of the opportunities provided by the German law for the modernisation of public health insurance (GKV modernisation law), which came into force in January 2004, with the goal of breaking down the rigid division of tasks within medical provision. Therefore, the strategy of integrated provision is already being brought to life and intensively implemented in a variety of areas. In addition, MediClin has founded to date eleven medical care centres with networked structures for medical provision.

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