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MediClin’s guiding principles

Under the motto “Shaping the future together”, we describe the values and ideology for our company’s activities in MediClin’s guiding principles. These guiding principles create a framework from which we can develop other activities across all levels of the company together with our employees.

Our patients and residents

We treat our patients and residents with respect and expertise – promoting their independence and individual responsibility.

The main focus of our work is our patients and residents, as well as their health. We want to promote their independence and personal responsibility using targeted care and education. By treating those people entrusted to our care with respect and providing qualified personnel and the latest technical equipment, we support needs-based medical-therapeutic provision.

Our employees

We want to be an attractive employer for our workers, while promoting and developing their expertise and motivation.

We appreciate our employees and treat them with respect. We want to strengthen motivation and competence through a combination of innovative personnel development and clear communication.

Fair and collegial dealings with one another, secure and family-friendly working conditions, as well as effective safety at work practices are central components in creating a positive working environment and, therefore, also for the satisfaction and motivation of our employees.

Our strategy: Integration and cooperation

We develop integrated medical care concepts to provide comprehensive and patient-orientated treatment, as well as resident-oriented care provision.

We want to continually optimise our high-quality medical provision along the whole treatment chain through the systematic expansion of interdisciplinary cooperation within the MediClin Group, as well as through cooperation with external health care service providers. To achieve this, we set common goals for medical provision and treatment that are agreed by all involved in the partnership.

Our future: Growth and progress

We want to grow in a targeted way by providing regionally networked health services.

In order to provide comprehensive medical provision for our patients and residents, we want to grow in a targeted way through the integration of new medical services. This also means strengthening cooperation with regional partners and thus continually improving the attractiveness of our health care services for patients, referring physicians and coverage providers. Furthermore, this means opening up new and innovative treatment options for our patients, securing the effectiveness of these methods and optimising them in a sustainable manner.

Our objective: Quality and cost-effectiveness

We want to increase the quality and cost-effectiveness of our services by systematically checking our company’s activities.

Handling the results achieved at MediClin in a transparent way is the basis for the continued improvement of our services and their effectiveness. We secure the best possible success levels in patient and resident medical care through the systematic integration of the latest methods in medicine, therapy and nursing care.

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