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MediClin Akademie
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About us

Only through the target-oriented qualification and “lifelong” learning of our employees is it possible to ensure the long-term high quality of our patient care. In order to be able to live up to this challenge, MediClin invests in its employees and supports them through systematic human resources development.

A continuous transfer of knowledge and grouping together expertise is guaranteed, amongst other things, by specific seminars and conferences at the central MediClin Academy, as well as through various further education and training events in the relevant facilities. The promotion of a structured exchange of knowledge through internal speakers and specialist groups is part of the corporate culture at MediClin, while this expertise is supplemented by selected external speakers.

The range of services offered is aimed at all occupational groups and comprises, alongside specialist themes, a variety of seminars for conveying core expertise.

The services offered by the MediClin Academy are also available to you as an external participant – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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